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Golf With Your Mind

Golf With Your Mind Golf is the only game involving a ball that doesn’t use a fixed playing area; this sport (or game, like someone prefer to claim) is described in the Rules of Golf: “playing a ball with a club from the teeing ground into the hole by a stroke or successive strokes in…

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How To Use Golf Training Aids To Increase Your Swing Speed And Hit Like The Pros

Golf Training Aids – Whack! The feeling of a great drive, the sweet feel as the ball jumps off the clubface and rockets down the middle of the fairway– it’s one of the best parts about playing golf, and one of the reasons that we keep coming back for more punishment. If only it would…

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Three Steps To A Masters Golf Swing

Three Steps To A Masters Golf Swing – Practice makes a man perfect, but practice of improper form gets you into bad habits hard to break. Therefore, golf swing instruction is absolutely imperative. Even the pros have had professional golf swing instructors to be as good as they are today. If you want to start…

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