Learning How To Play Golf

Learning How To Play Golf, Most golfers spend countless hours trying to reproduce a highly technical swing that only a handful of professionals can replicate on a consistent basis. So it’s no wonder that the United States Golf Association recently reported that only 10% of all golfers break 100 on a consistent basis.

Many golfers learning to play golf shift their weight back on the backswing because this is what they see countless pros do on TV over and over again. What they don’t realize is that you don’t need to swing like a pro to lower your golf handicap. In fact, simplifying your swing will dramatically improve your golf swing increasing consistency and distance.

How to minimize weight shift back and away from the target

Improve your swing by minimizing your weight shift back and away from the target. Reducing your weight shift back is the first step to gaining more consistency in your golf swing.

If you are used to shifting a lot of your weight back during the golf swing it may take several practice sessions to get used to this new concept. Breaking your backswing into several smaller pieces is one of the free golf swing tips that will make a real difference for you.

Start by taking the club back and up to parallel making sure that your weight hasn’t shifted. Once you are able do this move consistently, make a ¾ swing. Continue until you are making a full swing without moving your weight backwards.

Develop increased consistency and distance in your golf swing

By minimizing your weight swift back and away from the target and shifting your weight forward on the downswing, you’ll be adding consistency and distance to your golf swing.

You will still need to shift your weight forward and through the ball to improve your swing and distance. Your ball striking will also improve because you will be limiting heavy or “fat” golf shots.

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