The Shaft On Your Golf Driver Is What

The Shaft On Your Golf Driver, The LOFT on your Driver needs to be matched to your swing speed, your golf ball and your swing type (did you strike the ball with an ascending or descending blow).

Many of you will also know that your launch angle with your Driver is also linked to the flex on your shaft. A shaft that is too stiff for your swing speed will probably fly the ball lower than expected (and with less length) while a shaft that is too soft will probably fly the ball too high to get the best results.

Of course a shaft that is too soft will also probably bring the club head back to the ball slightly closed and will send your tee shot left (for right-handers) and a shaft that is too stiff will most likely be open at impact resulting in a ball going right.

So having established your fitted LOFT we need to make sure that you are playing with the right flex on this Driver, and that is complicated by three challenges:

a) Most golfers don’t know their true swing speed,

b) Even when they do, most MALE golfers’ machismo lead them to play with a shaft that is too strong for their game,

c) There is no industry standard that matches the various classifications of shaft strength to actual strength, so one manufacturer’s regular can easily be different to another’s.

Again, when I am matching a golf swing to a shaft flex, there is a very personal solution. Two golfers might have the same swing speed but the smoother swinging golfer will require a different flex to a golfer that is jerkier in both the backswing and downswing.

And in conversation with your club fitter, while checking out your swing speed and type, if you are in between requiring a regular or stiff shaft for your Driver, you are likely to advise you to err on the side of more flex NOT less.

Getting the right flex in your Driver will impact on both the distance that you achieve with the club and the accuracy. In 2007, get Fitted.